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Program Questions

Where are you located?
All programs are held at the Cambridge Sports Park, please look under Contact tab for exact directions.

How do I know what class to register my child in?
If you are returning and your child successfully completed a level then they would move to the next level up, non-successful completion means they would repeat that level. If you are new please look at class discriptions or email Sharon.

What if I registered my child for the wrong class?
Please contact the office and we can make a change promptly for you.  If the class has started not to worry, we asssess all skaters on the first week and make any movements needed to best suit the skater.

What if I want to change days/time?
No problem! Please contact to office to make your change.

What is Family Skate?
During the Fall and Winter seasons we offer a Familiy Skate during regular class time.  We invite the whole family to attend.  It is a great opportunity to speak with instructors and get to know familues better. More detail during the session will be provided.

What is your make-up policy?
Unfortunately, as we do not like to exceed our ratio, make-up classes are not offered.  However, you can email Sharon to inquire.


Equipment Questions

What type of skates do I buy?
It depends on the direction your child will take once he/she learns the fundamentals of skating. The two directions are Hockey or Figure Skating. The skates should be leather, with laces (no buckles or velcro) and proper ankle support. Please, ensure your child’s skates are sharpened before their first lesson if they have not been sharpened in a while or brand new out of the box.

What do I dress my child in for lessons?
We recommend wearing splash pants or snowsuit, to ensure your child stays dry and comfortable. In addition, mittens or gloves must be worn to keep your child’s hands warm and dry. Dark clothing os recommended as we use markers on the ice.

Does my child need a full cage?
Yes! To avoid any potential injuries to the face a FULL cage is mandatory.

Do you rent skate?
No we do not rent skates. Having children skate in the same pair of skates each week it important to successful progression.

Does my child need full hcokey gear to particpate in a hockey program?
Yes! Besides Parent & Me prep it is imorptant your child is protected in proper gear and gthey need to get use to skating in hockey gear.

Do you provide jerseys for youth hockey?
Hockey players are asked to wear their own favourite jersey to lessons.  Mini league does provide jerseys.